Brake Service, Repair and Testing in Dandenong


With reference to brake systems, always avoid leaving it unil brake repairs are actually required.

Regular checks like those in our 65 point vehicle report, which is undertaken during every full car service overseen at Duca Technocar, are crucial for assurance that your car's braking system is in good condition. Our expert technicians will be able to warn you if they feel that repair or service of the vehicle's brake system is a wise choice so it doesn't translate to a more significant problem.

Brake services on offer at Duca Technocar include:

  • Replacement Of Brake Pads
  • Brake Fluid Flushing And Replacement
  • Rotor And Drum/Brake Disc Machining or Resurfacing
  • Replace The Brake Disc And Drum
  • Replacing Brake Calipers
  • Brake Lines/Hose Replaced
  • Complete Brake Systems Replaced

Get more information about Brake Services from your Repco Authorised Dealer Here.

If you detect any symptom that indicates a vehicle's brake system could require a servicing it's easy to book online and get your brake system checked at our Dandenong car service centre today.




Brake Service By Qualified Mechanic

Brake warning signs to be aware of:

  • Sticky Brake Pedal
  • Brakes Excessively Noisy
  • Swerving Under Braking
  • Vibration Under Brake application
  • Brake Light Illuminates
  • Brake Pedal Appears Spongy
  • Reduction In Stopping Ability
  • Brake Pedal Seems Hard

To discover more information with regard to these warning signs and their possible causes visit 5 Warning Signs your Brakes need servicing

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